Marriage Seminars/Retreats:   Our own marriage journey-- the good, the bad, and the ugly-- has now reached 40 years.  Our seminars/retreats share from that journey, together with insights from our professional fields of study, our work with couples, and principles from God's Word.  Rather than simply talking at people, we work to make our events fun and interactive, getting people to talk with us and couples to talk with each other. We want marriages to be enriched, and don't believe anyone needs to get "beat up" in a seminar (husbands or wives) for that to happen!

Premarital Seminars:  Our work as college professors has kept us in contact with college students our entire professional lives.  During that time we have led premarital classes and done premarital counseling for hundreds of engaged couples.  We love that work, and would enjoy interacting with your engaged couples as they prepare for their life together.

Other Topics:  

We have been called upon to speak about a myriad of other topics involving relationships.  Below is a partial list of some of those seminars.  Contact us if you have an idea for your church or organization.

     -- Relating to Parents Who Won't Let Go

     -- Parenting As God 'Parents' Us

     -- Dealing With Conflict: Not If, But How

     -- Your Childhood Family Is Still With You

"Steve and Twyla were such a breath of fresh air!  We had a group of young couples in need of encouragement-- and Steve & Twyla gave sound teaching that edified everyone who came.  We appreciated their professionalism, while also keeping the air in the room light and casual.  Thanks Steve & Twyla for such a fantastic time!"    Matt Holtzman, Minister of Young Families , First Presbyterian Church, Colorado Springs

FEES:  While we do need to work out finances with you, our primary concern is ministry, not money.  We are thankful for the opportunities that God gives us to teach and serve those who attend events.  We would like to arrange finances in a way that works for your church or organization, so let's talk.  Having said that, when we go to websites it is frustrating to get no idea about costs.  So as a rule of thumb, we require our expenses to be covered plus a suggested rate of $300 per session.  Some places have given more, others less.  Most places charge a small registration fee of participants to help cover their costs.  If interested, let's talk.