Relational Wisdom

"Steve and Twyla Lee are excellent speakers. Our people related to them well because they were wise, authentic and approachable. They shared openly and honestly about their relationship and were a great encouragement and support to those attending."                     Mark

Working with people and their relationships for most of our adult lives, we were pleased to receive training in Relational Wisdom.  It's a helpful model for understanding God's design for how we can best "love God and love others".


The Relational Wisdom website ( poses the following questions:  

       --  Why do some people seem to have closer and more enduring friendships

             and marriages than others?

       --  Why do they perform so well in the workplace and advance so quickly in

             their careers?

       --  How do they maintain such a close and influential connection with their

             children and relatives?

       --  Why do they seem to have less conflict, and when it does arise, why are

             they so good at resolving it quickly and completely?

       --  Most importantly, why do they have such a relaxed and appealing Christian



Developed by Ken Sande, Relational Wisdom (RW) builds upon the theory and research of Emotional Intelligence (EI). Knowing God and living by His Word are the foundation for living in relationship with others. RW offers key principles and practices vital to the growth and development of authentic relationships, whether on the home front or the work place. We would invite you to explore the Relational Wisdom model and contact us to schedule a seminar for your church or organization.


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