The ink of relationships writes everyone's story.  


Our passion is to help people have authentic relationships-- helping each other grow and becoming all that God intended us to be. Our greatest joys and deepest sorrows are tied to people– those who have loved us, and those who have hurt us.



We hope you find help and resources here for your relationships and for the people whose lives you touch.


Where are we from? How did we meet? What are our passions? How do we stay so young?  

Come on in and get to know us....

How smart are you? Not intellectual smart-- but people smart.  RW brings the truths of Scripture together with the science of emotional intelligence to help us live in relationships the way that God intended.

It is a thrill for us to see people grow in their relationships with God and with others. Check out the seminars, retreats, and other speaking events we offer.

"Steve and Twyla are exceptional! We had great feedback about their interaction and presentation. Having a couple present the material is a positive model for our couples, and seeing them go back and forth so seamlessly was engaging."     Teresa